Kinisis Photography

Kinisis Photography is Jun Akiyama, an Improvisational Photographer in Boulder, CO.

Improvisational Photography


Photography is fleeting and ephemeral.  Because every moment counts, an Improvisational Photographer must remain engaged with the aliveness of the present moment.


Creativity flows when there is freedom for emergent exploration, risks, and vulnerability.  An Improvisational Photographer allows autonomy for the artists, both in front of and behind the camera.


Supporting each other serves as the foundation of improvisation .  An Improvisational Photographer works with the artists as a collaborator in a co-creative process.


Improvisational Photography brings together these vital elements of Improvisational practice into the art form of Photography.  Kinisis Photography brings decades of experience in embodied improvisation in dance and theater to the art form of photography, resulting in uniquely creative compositions which captures the essence of the artist’s creativity.